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  • Scupi - ancient town
  • Scupi - ancient town
  • Scupi - ancient town
  • Scupi - ancient town
  • Scupi - ancient town
  • Scupi - ancient town

Scupi - ancient town
Scupi - ancient town
Scupi - ancient town
Scupi - ancient town
Scupi - ancient town
Scupi - ancient town

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Scupi - ancient town

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  location & map Scupi - ancient town

elevation / altitude
264 meters
4.06 km from main square / Skopje
latitude / longitude
42°1′1″N, 21°23′29″E

Skupi Str b.b, 1000 Skopje

visiting Scupi - ancient town
Individual and guided tour. Be aware that area can be closed.

  about Scupi - ancient town

The Roman ruins at Scupi date from the second century BC and were built upon an earlier, Dardanian settlement. Scupi was designated as Colonia Flavia Aelia Scupi and became the new home for many veterans of the Roman legions.
Under the Flavian emperors Scupi was granted municipal status, essentially entitling it to run its own affairs. Scupi prospered and seemed to become a city of some prestige. Although it suffered under the Gothic ravages of the 3rd century.
In the 4th century once again the city prospered, - it served briefly as the headquarters of emperor Theodosius. But with the 5th century barbarian raids returned and, alas, in 518 AD a devastating earthquake destroyed it. After Scupi was ruined by the earhtquake of 518, all the building material was used in the building of Justinijana Prima.
There is almost nothing left except for part of a street, a bath, and a basilica (newest researches have proven a larger settlement).
Published coins from the Scupi excavations include follis of Anastasius minted in Constantinopolis (AD 512 to 517), follis of Justinus I minted in Nicomedia (AD 518 to 522), follis of Justinianus I minted in Constantinopolis (AD 527 to 532), follis of Justinianus I minted in Cyzicus (AD 551 to 552), half-follis of Justinianus I minted in Thessalonica (AD 563 to 564), and a half-follis of Justinus II minted in Thessalonica (AD 574 tp 575).

  custodian / administrator

Cultural Heritage Protection Office
Gjuro Gjakovic 61, 1000 Skopje
+389 (0)2 3289 703
+389 (0)2 3289 777
contact [at] uzkn [dot] gov [dot] mk
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