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Negorski banji
Негорски бањи

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Negorci spa

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Negorci spa

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elevation / altitude
73 meters
4.85 km from main square / Gevgelija
latitude / longitude
41°10′45″N, 22°28′47″E

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  about Negorci spa

The thermal spa is located near Gevgelija, close to the village Negorci, at 6 km, from the Greek border.
It is located in extremely pleasant surroundings, at the bottom of the mountain Kozhuf, at the height of 22 m, amidst European ash woods, which form a natural park.
Within the Negorci spa-resort there are two waters: "Vrela banja"/hot, and "Ladna banja"/cold, or so called "Sukripasina". The waters in the "Vrela banja" have temperature of 400C, and of "Ladna banja" 380C.
The spa-water here is believed to heal people of various ailments: all kinds of rheumatic diseases of muscles, ankles and wrists, disturbed menstrual cycles, sterility, gasthro-intestinal diseases, diseases of the cardio-vascular system, inflammations and other diseases of the peripheral nervous system, as well as other kinds of dermatological diseases.

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