Kitino Kale fortress

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Tvrdina Kitino Kale
Тврдина Китино Кале

  Cultural-historical heritage \ Citadel/Fortress \ Kicevo, Macedonia

  • Kitino Kale fortress

Kitino Kale fortress

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Kitino Kale fortress

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elevation / altitude
654 meters
0.62 km from main square / Kicevo
latitude / longitude
41°30′47″N, 20°57′59″E

  about Kitino Kale fortress

According to the earliest document this is a fortress from the ancient period, when Kicevo was known as Uskana.
It was very important stronghold during the rule of the Byzantine emperor Vasilius 2nd, being a military-administrative and merchant center.
The Turks were using it - as a military base.

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