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Mavrovo region & Mavrovo ski resort


» Municipality:
Mavrovo and Rostuse

» Geographical area:
Mavrovo field

» Area of coverage:
1,341 km² (833,26 mi²)

» Elevation (altitude):
1,220 m (4,002.62 ft)

» Dialing code:
+389 (0)42

» Postal code:

» License plates:
GV 000-XX

» Time zone:
Summer (DST): CST (UTC+2)

Mavrovo ski resort (Mavrovo National Park), Bistra Macedonia

About Mavrovo region & Zare Lazarevski ski resort

Ski resort Zare Lazarevski Mavrovo
Zare Lazarevski ski resort

Mavrovo, Macedonia ... in the eastern part of Mavrovo and Rostuse municipality, there is the Mavrovo region - a great summer & winter resort, known for the ski resort, mountaing bike, hiking, the Mavrovo lake & the National park as well.

This region is named Mavrovo because most of the people live in the village of Mavrovo and most of the notable families were also from Mavrovo. Some of the villages and smaller hamlets include:

  • Mavrovo,
  • Nikiforovo,
  • Leunovo,
  • Mavrovi Anovi (Inns of Mavrovo).

According to the 2002 census, these four villages in the Mavrovo region had a population of 349 people; Mavrovo - 166; Mavrovi Anovi - 167; Nikiforovo - 10 and Leunovo 6 inhabitants.

The Mavrovo region & the ski resort are easily accessed, by car or bus. The E-65 international motorway (Gostivar - Kicevo), passes near the Mavrovo region and the local roads connects the villages and settlements. Nearby Gostivar is 32 km, while Skopje is just 95 km away (approx. 1 hour by driving).

Mavrovo tourism destination

Mavrovo lake in winter, photo taken from the chair lift
Mavrovo lake in winter

The Mavrovo region is major ski, tourist and recreational resort & destination in Macedonia. The Mavrovo region lies within the borders of the Mavrovo National Park. The exquisite location, (Bistra mountain and the Mavrovo Reservoir) & Mavrovo hotels helped the Mavrovo region to grow into a big tourist resort throughout the whole year.

The Mavrovo ski resort is well known and named Zare Lazarevski in honor of its founder. It has two double lift chairs, one single lift chair with over 1,100 person capacity per hour, several ski lifts with synchronized connection and over 5,000 person capacity per hour. The ski center was renovated recently, so the capacity of the ski lifts and the ski chairs is increased. The ski trails start at 1,960 meters and end at 1,250 meters above sea level.

The Mavrovo lake lies at an altitude of 1,220 meters above the sea level. The contruction of the Mavrovo lake began in 1953. It is 12 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide and covers an area of 13,3 square km. The coast is 24 kilometers long. The deepest measured spot of the lake is 48 meters deep. The rich with trouts fish, Mavrovo lake is often visited by fishermen.

Mavrovo climate & when to come in Mavrovo

The Mavrovo region experiences a mountanous climate, with mild summers and extermly cold winters with a temperatures as low as -25 °C.

The resort of Mavrovo is located on the Bistra mountain, in an ecologically clean district. In spite of that, the region has a relatively strong winter comparing to the rest of Macedonia and it is often visited by tourists from Albania, Kosovo and Greece. All the seasons are definitely pleasant season for visits. The nature of Bistra is simply - wonderful.